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Catching Up

Current Facebook Status: stayed home from church after a long weekend in KC, a 7yo who has a hack-y cough and a hubby who doesn’t feel great. Had a great time in KC though :). Currently Playing in the Background: … Continue reading

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What I’ve Read Wednesday

YAY!  I’m finally getting to post a review on Wednesday :).  I’ve been planning to do this for like a month and a half now, but things like Christopher’s ‘let’s play the stop breathing game’ and hospital visit stuff then … Continue reading

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Heading Home!

After three days in the hospital, we’re headed home.  The general consensus is that Christopher doesn’t tolerate the codeine very well.  After mentioning that, Matt’s mom and aunt both mentioned that they can’t take it :p.  Would have been good … Continue reading

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Update on Son

Before going any further, know that Christopher is fine ;). Well, our 3 year old had his tonsils and adenoids removed Thursday – as planned.  Not as planned, he refused to cooperate when it came to eating and drinking afterwards.  … Continue reading

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