NaNo Wrap Up, Cute Kids and a Title for CANDID Book 1


So it’s been a while and I’ve got some updating to do…

But first…

BFFs Chillin' in Big Sister's Room

Aren’t they sweet? She realized about 2 seconds earlier that I was going to take the picture :D. See the smirk?

Maggie’s BFF came over and we took some pictures for tomorrow’s Pentalk blog. Maggie was the featured guest on yesterday’s: Maggie Moncado on NaNoWriMo and Her First Interview

I’ll be sure to post tomorrow with the link to her post tomorrow! It’s exciting!

So… NaNo wrap up. I did make my word count. Barely. 50050 for the month is nothing to sneeze at but not near as good as I was hoping for. Have managed about 1500 words since then – most of them yesterday. Still hoping to finish the rough draft before Christmas and get back to working on Role-Model Romeo [the sequel to Suburban Straightjacket].

AND! I have a title for my NaNo project! The first in the CANDID Romance series! Had to write a query letter for it [thanks to a post on Seekerville where Ramona Richards, editor extraordinaire for Abingdon]. And I needed a title to go along with it because sending it in to an editor with “The Book that Doesn’t Even Have a Working Title” on it just wasn’t happening ;).

But it’s okay. Because as much as I hate coming up with titles – I have a great one :D.

Finding Mr. Write

Awesomeness, no? A book about two writers. Finding each other.  Living Happily Ever After.

Me? I love it!


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  1. Keli Gwyn says:

    Carol, I love the title. I’m a huge fan of puns and plays on words. Wishing you all the best on your submission. I’d love to do some happy dancing in your honor. =)

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