I’m BAaaaaAAAAAck!!!!

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I hope.

I’ve been woefully remiss in posting the last couple months. I have an excuse. Really. My laptop died and the netbook just isn’t a workhorse. I need a workhorse. The netbook is perfect for what I bought it for – writing on the go. But not for everyday stuff.

In the meantime, I did manage to finish the rough draft of Suburban Straightjacket and have made it through a round or two of edits. I even got it [mostly] to my fabulous critique partner on time! And Debbie’s is fabulous! Her book… I loved it!!!

But I now have a new laptop. I’m working on the sequel to Suburban Straightjacket and synopses for it and about 5 other books. But I have a plan for them now. Back to work…

I’m over on Pentalk today – so pop on by and say hi!


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