Writers Alley Mention and Writing Update

Current Facebook Status: Big girls off to their first day of summer school. Em playing on the computer. C [Thank God!] is still asleep. Now, to find breakfast since ‘donut Mondays’ only belong to kids going to summer school… So much to do. So little time. But C has been talking about [babysitter] nonstop since yesterday – today outta be fun ;).
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Pepper Basham posted over on The Writers Alley today with a mention of lil ole me :D!

And since she linked to my website, which could lead a person or two over here, I thought I probably outta have some new content.

Uh… This is it.

Except for an update…

Spent Saturday at Panera. Was there almost 6 hours. Ate, got a good table [sort of in that order], piddled a bit checking email/writing a couple hundred words, sis got there and talked to her while she ate then spent about 4 hours really focused on writing.

Grand total:

6910 words

WOOHOO! Pounded out another 91 [apparently there was a discrepency somewhere] to end up with SEVEN THOUSAND! all together!

Now, Andrew took a surprisingly depressive turn [it really shouldn’t have been surprising, but it was], but I tugged him back out of it. Just hope it’s not too fast. But that’s what edits/rewrites are for.

I’m really excited about Suburban Straightjacket! I truly am. I think it has the potential to be my best yet [which isn’t saying a TON] and more likely than Unbreak Her Heart* to be first pubbed.

Today – no writing 😦 at least not until after Bible study tonight. Too much to do. School starts tomorrow and I don’t have my schedule done, nor my house clean and since the babysitter is coming here… I should be doing that rather than updating ya’ll.

Yes. I said ya’ll.

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?!

*Today is rejection #2 from AgentsIMostWantToHave. Another ‘if you haven’t heard from us in x days, it’s a no’. How am I supposed to wallpaper a room in rejections if they’re all ‘non-contact’ rejections? That said, another query is supposed to go out this week, but have to finish putting Pepper’s post to paper before that can happen.

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