I Love It, I Love It Not…

I caved in and downloaded Liquid Story Binder.

So far I can’t decide how much I like it.  I haven’t played with it too much but when I went back and tried to outline and timeline and dossier [like how dossier is a verb there?] everything from Unbreak Her Heart, it just frustrated me.  It could be that it will work much better when starting from scratch or when I’m not feeling the ‘I ONLY HAVE THIRTY DAYS’ pressure.

That said, I did start brainstorming a new book on it the other day. It’s something I’ve sort of toyed around with and have a very rough outline for in my head.  I started dossiers with exceptional names like ‘Male Lead’ and ‘Female Lead’.  I even found random pictures of people on the internet that sort of fit the images in my head so I could have them for reference points.  This is my tentative NaNoWriMo project so it’s not like I’m actually going to be WRITING it just yet…

I think I need to play with it while when I’m actually writing and see how it goes.  I did manage to get my muse to call in from her extended vacation at a secure, undisclosed location [that I’m pretty sure is somewhere in the Bahamas – I’m seeing somewhere like Mike’s place on NCIS but on an island with a boat that stops by twice a month with mail and provisions].  She ditched the prologue and informed me of the new chapter one for Unbreak Her Heart [or maybe Sarah called her and told her to do it?], but I think that’s the extent of her current involvement with anything WIP related so actually starting anything new is currently out of the question – maybe I can bring her back to work on Jasmine’s story some… she likes Jasmine.  And the prince.  And that’s all the spoilers you’re getting for that…

Anyway – the jury is still out on Liquid Story Binder.  May love it, may not.  We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, the power went out earlier today and I finished my friend Erin’s book, Between the Lines, and am currently hounding her for a sequel.


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